What is the best way to tweet to ensure I am accurately displayed on your website?

Tweet your location day-of. My website scans twitter on 3 minute intervals and pulls out relevant time and location information.

Formats I parse:

  • Intersections: Adams and Wacker
  • Addresses: 10 W Marker St
  • Buildings: IUPI, Recats, Pyramids, etc.
  • 600 W – #600w #600, you know where, etc.
  • various others

You can specify a time range (like 11:00am-2:00pm) or say something like “until 2:00pm” otherwise I assume you will be at a location for 2 hours. How I determine the start time is kinda complicated, but if it’s in the morning you don’t specify a start time, I assume lunch (11:30-1:30). If it’s in the afternoon, I assume it starts when your tweet is received.

Make sure you don’t phrase the tweet as an ‘@’ reply when sending out your location. I (and your followers) will not see it unless we follow the person you are replying to. An example

  • PREFER: We are at 10 W Marker St
  • DON’T PREFER: @GrouponIndy We are coming your way today.

Also, its best not to include two addresses in a tweet. For instance, “Leaving Clark and Washington; Heading to Madison and Wacker”

If you send tweets with geolocation data in them, I can pinpoint your exact position. I turn this feature on per-truck, so contact me if you plan to do this.


5 thoughts on “What is the best way to tweet to ensure I am accurately displayed on your website?

  1. Pingback: What is the best way to tweet to ensure I am accurately displayed on your website? | Indy Food Truck Locator

    • I don’t understand the question. IndyFTL.com is mainly for local food trucks. We have started to add more content like local Breweries. All data found on this site is public information.

  2. Truckily is an food truck app. I use it to schedule my fb and twitter posts. It announces right when I start and finish with the location. I’ll schedule one tomorrow night for our night at Residence Inn. @flatrockflatbrd

    • I scan Twitter for truck locations in 3 min intervals. My app looks for a start time, end time, and a location. I will check out truckily. I also have an vendor portal so that they can update their own information. Other than Twitter I use google calendar as a way to get trucks schedule.
      Keep in mind this is still a new app and I am doing this in my spare time.

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