Integrating Your Truck With the Indy Food Truck Locator

I am a new truck, how do I get my truck on your site?

Send me your social media information (twitter, facebook, website, etc) and I will create a profile for you on my site. I generally pull the icon I display for you from your twitter profile, but can do something different if you prefer.

I will also add you to this twitter list which keeps track of the trucks my app tracks:

Also, if you’re interested in modifying your own information on my site send me your google account email (either gmail or a google apps email) and I will set you up to use third-party authentication to log into to my vendor portal. From there you can edit your profile.

How do I get my truck to show up on your food truck map?

The Indy Food Truck Locator displays a map with markers at the spots where food trucks are going to be on the current day. Truck stops are added by the following methods:

  1. My website automatically parses tweets from food trucks on twitter and pulls out location / time information. See below for how to best structure your tweets.
  2. My website automatically pulls calendar feeds from google calendar at midnight every day. If you publish a public google calendar feed just send me the public feed URL. Also, if you change your calendar after midnight on the current day, you can use the vendor portal to resync your calendar entries.
  3. Food trucks can use my Beaconnaise app (available on my vendor portal), to send out a beacon signal for where they are at. When they are done at a spot, they just turn it off. This is probably the most accurate method for pinpointing a truck
  4. Finally, I manually add trucks that don’t publish their location in any of the above methods.


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