Integrating Your Truck With the Indy Food Truck Locator

What is the best way to tweet to ensure I am accurately displayed on your website?

Tweet your location day-of. My website scans twitter on 3 minute intervals and pulls out relevant time and location information.

Formats I parse:

Intersections: 10TH & ILLINOIS
Addresses: 7602 Woodland Dr
various others

You can specify a time range (like 11:00am-2:00pm) or say something like “until 2:00pm” otherwise I assume you will be at a location for 2 hours. How I determine the start time is kinda complicated, but if it’s in the morning you don’t specify a start time, I assume lunch (11:30-1:30). If its in the afternoon, I assume it starts when your tweet is received.

Make sure you don’t phrase the tweet as an ‘@’ reply when sending out your location. I (and your followers) will not see it unless we follow the person you are replying to. An example

PREFER: We are at 7602 Woodland Dr
DON’T PREFER: @Groupon We are coming your way today.
Also, its best not to include two addresses in a tweet.

If you send tweets with geolocation data in them, I can pinpoint your exact position. I turn this feature on per-truck, so contact me if you plan to do this.



FOOD TRUCK OWNERS: Not on this list? Add your daily locations to this list instantly from your onsite location (or in advance from any device with a Web browser). Contact to obtain your personal login and password

Food Truck Map FAQ.

What is Indy Food Truck Locator?

IndyFTL is a live map of all the roaming food trucks in Indianapolis. Once a food truck has scheduled a stop through its Twitter account or one of our interfaces, a marker of theirs will automatically be generated on our food truck tracker.

 How does it work?

We get our data a few different ways. The Twitter feed of every food truck we track is being constantly monitored, and whenever they schedule a current or upcoming stop via a tweet, we will map it in real-time.  Lastly, some choose to use the web interface to add themselves to the map.  Are the food trucks guaranteed to be where you have them plotted?  No. Whatever is said in the Twitter feed is the final word. That’s why we suggest you click the “Show Recent Tweets” link in order to reveal the latest information about the food truck. The app has been throroughly tested, however, it is not flawless. For this reason, we ask that you use common sense before driving to Nova Scotia to track down a Los Angeles food truck. Why does the location on the map not match what I see in the tweet?  When the geocoding service can’t find a particular address, it will not be place on the map.

IndyFTL is designed to be viewed with <a href=”“>Google Chrome. It’ll work fine with other browsers as well.