Setting up PlayStation for RetroPie

➟ Weekend Engineer

Another emulator that I see people having issues setting up on their Raspberry Pi is PlayStation. For the most part it is very straight forward but there is one step that is often left out on other instructions that I’ve seen. The PlayStation emulator works right after instillation of RetroPie So all you have to do is load a rom into the


directory and load the BIOS file into the


directory. Check out my post here about transferring roms and BIOS files.  The BIOS file that I use is SCPH1001.bin but there are other’s that seem to work also. More information about the BIOS files can be found here.

If you try loading a PlayStation game you may see an error “No BIOS found, expect errors“, the BIOS file is needed to be able to save and run the game correctly. From my experience if…

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